The One After London

Okay, so I watch too much Friends.

To sum up: London was pretty great and I got another BFN.

Now, a bit elaboration 🙂

As mentioned earlier before, we were planning to go to London on this June. Just the two of us (hubby and me). I was always nervous every time we were about to go somewhere quite far by ourself, especially it was our first time going to London. To add the tension, hubby got food poisoned  and needed to be hospitalised just few days before we were leaving (it was Friday the 2nd and departure date was on next Thursday the 8th). Thank God, he could go home on Sunday. Another set back was the terrorist attack news around the London Bridge area. At this point, we were really not sure if we would still go to London. But anyway, against all that we made it to London! Yay.

It was actually a good decision not to TTC before going to London. Cramped up for 14 hours on window seat (yes, economy class) was certainly not made for early expectant mother (sorry I acted so confidently that I might have gotten pregnant if I were on TTC haha..) But London weather were so perfect for all of the 7 days we were there. A bit drizzly sometimes, but never heavy rain. It was always around 20 degree in the afternoon and maybe around 15 degree at night. The hotels we picked were kinda perfect too. First, we were staying at Hoxton, which was very close to Holborn Underground (less than 5 mins walk). We could also walk to Covent Garden (yes, Shake Shack!). The second hotel was Portobello House on Notting Hill area. It was like a small hotel with 12 rooms only. But the interior was looking very vintage and lovely. It was a walking distance to Portobello Market too.

Hop On Hop Off bus was also a good decision for London first timer. We picked HOHO bus by Original Tour and took the 2 days package (including Thames River cruise, Kensington Palace and Tower of London tickets). We managed to take day trip to Edinburgh as well. It took 4 hours trip by train from King Cross Station (yes, the station where Harry would take train to Hogwarts from Platform 9 3/4). The highlight of Edinburgh was the Castle, Whisky Tour and also Oink (they had the best pulled pork and crispy pork skin!).

Now, about the BFN. We were currently thinking about doing insemination procedure. Still browsing (and again thinking thoroughly) about it though. The most important thing for us would be to make sure it would be aligned with our belief. I will not going to discuss it further here, because I am worried others would think I am being judgmental. I am not and I will never be. Anyone is free to make decision based on their beliefs and whatever they feel the best for them. I would share more about the procedure here once I have made consultation with the doctor.

So that would be all for now! Have a blessed day, x.

Rehearsal for Queen’s birthday at Buckingham
Had brunch accompanied by these guys :p (still at Buckingham)

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