Fall into (Right?) Place

So as mentioned last time, hubby and I are planning to go on a trip next June 🙂 I’ve never applied an online visa by myself before (usually through travel agent), so this time it was kind of nerve-wrecking (note: you can follow this link for UK visa application https://www.gov.uk/apply-uk-visa). After taking biometric data (In Indonesia they have 3 offices at Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya), if our visas were to be approved we would have received them within 3 weeks. But then last Saturday (9 days after data submission), I received this package at home. (Quite nervous opening the envelope – almost as distressing as waiting for a HPT result LOL). And yay, we are going to London! ❤

Maybe it’ll sound silly, but receiving these visas is kinda making me feel that things will finally fall into place 🙂 (Thank you visa-approval-decider-people (?) :p )

There is another thing I would like to share. As I have been consuming vitamin E lately (mine is Blackmores), I did some browsing about the pros and cons of vit E and its effect on fertility. And I found this interesting (yet very important!) fact: there are two types of vit E; d-alpha tocopherol and dl-alpha tocopherol. The first one is the natural form, while second one is synthetic. Being curious, I check both Elevit and Blackmores. To my surprise, vit E in Elevit is dl-alpha tocopherol and Blackmores’ is d-alpha tocopherol. You can check them by yourself. I haven’t read more about the side effect of taking synthetic vit E, but I am always being more comfortable consuming whichever claimed to be natural of course.

Anyway, I just can’t wait for June to come! :p Hope everyone also have something to look forward to excitedly… xx

Processed with MOLDIV
We got our visa already!:) 

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