Don’t Chicken Out Now!

Here comes the happiest time of the year… Chinese New Year! When you have to listen to that annoying “WHEN” questions by Aunties (sometimes Uncles) and at the same time you have to give money to their grandchildren (Angpao). It’s basically like paying for your own misery. @.@ (Note: I usually had dinner at husband’s late grandma’s house on the night before CNY, then again on the next morning, and finally lunch at my parents).

So, I made our first attempt of TTC in 2017 (in hopes of getting out of CNY torture). No, not pregnant yet. And yes, another BFN. This time as suggested by my doctors, I was taking 200mg Utrogestan (progesterone) and Cardiprin 100mg (baby dose Aspirin) right after we’re trying in order to avoid another early miscarriage (in case pregnancy happened this cycle). Symptoms I got? Super dry skin on face (it did happen to me both times I got pregnant), sometimes gassy (!) and no brown spots at all few days before scheduled AF came, which made me kinda hopeful *sigh*

On CD 28 when I supposed to have my period, I took HPT in the morning, got a BFN. And then AF came the next day (once I stopped taking Utrogestan). So I guessed it was probably the Utrogestan that caused a delayed period (?) and also dry face. Been searching on Internet regarding Utrogestan vs delayed period, but there were too many contradicting answers. For the Cardiprin, I did not think it cause any discomfort or side effects to me (I took both for around 2 weeks or so). I’ve been thinking that next cycle I would not taking any hormonal medicine, maybe just Aspirin.

Have a happy prosperous Lunar New Year! Praying that everyone on the same TTC journey would soon find their happiness (baby or not, just please stay happy and hopeful! 🙂 )

Gong xi gong xi!


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