It’s Funny How Your Joke Is Not That Funny At All

Browsing through my FB timeline during holiday last week, I found someone post this “joke” on her timeline.


So basically it said that how her kids actually had grown up (which was true, she had two kids that already in Junior High if I was not mistaken) and she did not expect to have another baby, but turned out she was pregnant again with twins this time, no wonder she had been feeling the drowsiness, etc, etc. And it ended with “Then I woke up and it was just a dream” and with these all LOL emoticons. Last word “Hahahaha… Don’t get to serious”. (Plus the great sonogram pic – uh huh big time!)

I was literally speechless.

Somehow it was like your biggest issue, your biggest fear, your biggest concern being thrown in front of you as joke. Didn’t she have family or friends who’d been facing the hardship of TTC? Come on, you gotta do better jokes than that! You can still be funny but in a more creative and sensible way. Maybe some would say that “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone… I just had no idea that this would hurt you”. Okay, so I am telling you now that yes, your joke may have hurt someone. So just please stop doing that in the future.

This is a lesson for everyone (including me especially) that we should be more careful and sensible of what we are doing and saying. We don’t wanna get hurt, so don’t hurt others. Try to put other first, that’s how we learn to widen our horizon. Happy 2017! And live a better life 🙂


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