We’re All Mums, BTW.

In Indonesia, we celebrate Mother’s Day every Dec 22nd. Before, I would only say Happy Mother’s Day to my beloved Mum. Though we do not share much I-Love-You (sometimes) or Hugs (rarely) or heart-to-heart conversations (never), but my sister and I would always spend Mother’s Day lunch with our mum. And I know we all cherish that moment.

But this year, somehow, with all the things I’ve been through, I have that feeling of being discriminated by so called Mother’s Day celebration. Even I got annoyed every time I saw a posting in Instagram of someone giving birth and her friends would congratulate her and say “Welcome to Motherhood”, which to me sounded like a Sacred, Far-Away Land that we could never enter without a ticket in form of a BABY.

I still remembered how since I was 5, me as a woman (or little girl at that time) already had that nurturing motherly instinct. So my Forever Friend bear was sick. He got all this red rashes all over his body and fever. He couldn’t go to school. And I took care of him. I made him eating my special-made chicken porridge with carrots (he didn’t like carrots but it might be good for him I guess), gave him apple juice to cool down his fever and put him inside a thick blanket.

This year, I began to see Mother’s Day in a wider point of view. Of course we appreciate, love and respect someone who gave birth and raise us. Being a mother is certainly one of most challenging tasks. It’s a great responsibility from God. But again, there are many other type of “Mother” that we also need to give credits too.

Even across gender. I know someone who is being a dad and mum at the same time to his only daughter. He feeds her, combs her hair, makes a beautiful and neat ponytail. By this, how could we say Happy Mother’s Day only to those who give birth physically?

So, here I’d like to say Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who does a beautiful role as a ‘mum’ and for all TTC women out there. Yes, we’re all a mum anyway!:)


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