Find the One (or Two)

And that’s enough!

For now, if someone asked me my opinion on Obgyn-hopping thing like I did, my answer would only be one: Don’t do it! In past few months, I had been meeting with wrong doctors based on recommendation from others (I did not blame anyone, wrong-for-me obviously did not justify it was wrong to someone else). Sometimes they just wanted to help. And I was thinking that if I did not listen to them, they would think I did not try hard enough… (Mental Note: must be careful in giving doctor’s names to others as well!)

Stick with that one or two doctors that you trust and familiar with your health history (or in this case your womb history). No doctors are perfect. There are certainly pros and cons for each doctor, for example very friendly, caring doctor but have less experience or senior doctor with long list of experience in the particular field but keep forgetting your name and problem before reading patient’s data. If you have found the one that you and your spouse feel comfortable with, please just stick with that one (or two, if you think they might complement each other well).

Last time, I had a bad experience with one doctor recommended by a good friend of mine. This Obgyn doctor is “famous” to make TTC couple successfully get pregnant. Dr. R made diagnoses for me, that later on I found out none of them were correct. First, he mentioned about high Prolactin level he assumed I had after the miscarriage (high Prolactin level would avoid women of getting pregnant). Prescribed me with Cripsa (half tablets on first 3 days), which later on that night got me throwing up like crazy and suffocated and ended up at ER. Turned out they were common side effects of Cripsa as mentioned by the doctor at ER. Before, Dr. R only said it would probably cause dizziness. @@

Second, he checked down there and told me I had infection. Well hello! I took a very good care of myself and I did not feel any symptom (itchy or burning sensation whatsoever). I was perfectly fine! And he prescribed me and hubby with antibiotics. Great. So two days after that, I went to my previous doctor at Siloam to check on me. She did her job thoroughly and said everything looked just fine. Nothing like had been accused earlier. Of course I trust her! Since I did not feel any discomfort at all. I also asked about the high Prolactin level, she said it couldn’t be because I had regular periods (3 periods after my last miscarriage) with normal length each (between 3 to 5 days). I even took blood test just to make sure. Here’s the blood test result, which is normal.


I was quite mad and disappointed with Dr. R. Seriously (!!) But nothing I could do. Guess I just have to be grateful that everything resulted okay. Maybe it was God’s way to tell me to chill and relax for a bit. Anyway Christmas is coming too. So maybe it’s best to take a break from TTC this month. I do not want this happy Christmas month to be tainted with TWW, emotional breakdown, or any other disappointment. Let this Christmas just be peaceful and joyful like how it should be.

Merry Christmas All!:)


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