The Land of Myths

Within past few years I’ve been listening to some “advices” given by the elders (or shared by my friends and cousins) regarding how to get pregnant faster. One time I was at a one year old birthday party of a relative’s son, the grandma said I should better get peed by her grandson (How sweet of her!) in hopes of getting pregnant (Will rubbing it on my face make better result?)

So far…  very little of scientific-related advices, but A LOT of superstitious tales. Most of them include babies or something coming out of babies :p

For example:

  • Put babies on your bed (logic: maybe they’re cute and make you wanna try even harder to have one (?) )
  • Even better if the babies pee on your bed (logic: it could be some sort of magic substance within baby’s pee to help you get pregnant (?) )
  • Rub babies’ used powder puff on your tummy (logic: it feels good (?) )

In conclusion, getting pregnant is like catching cold or a disease. It looks like a VIRUS that you could catch from a baby. I should let my doctor know about this. In case he does not know yet…


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