Contradiction Leads to Confusion

As scheduled, we went to Singapore again to see Dr. Fong. (Supposedly on CD 12, but turned out it was on CD 16 since AF came 5 days early). So anyway… After a bowl of hot Vietnamese Pho for lunch 🙂 we went to our appointment at 2.30, waited for about 2 or 3 patients, then we got called. We explained that we unfortunately had another spontaneous miscarriage last month, approximately on week 5 (which similar to what happened August last year). We showed doctor the test result I took for autoimmune disorder. He directly highlighted my positive Anti Ds DNA which was 41.2 (Normal: below 25U/mL). Though ANA test was negative, he mentioned that we should be concerned about this.

He prescribed baby Aspirin (low dose Aspirin) Cardiprin 100mg to be taken everyday (!) once I fall pregnant again in the future (*finger-crossed*), from the day we get positive result until approx. 3 weeks before delivery time (as it might cause severe bleeding). It is to avoid blood clot that will restrain the embryo to receive all the good nutrients in order to be able to stay and grow perfectly. He was pretty sure that this might be the case that caused back to back miscarriage. He gave 30 pills for 30 days.

However… Since our doctor here did not agree on this therapy, we are a bit unsure about what to do now. I would not dare to take Aspirin during pregnancy without doctor surveillance. I could possibly go back and forth to Singapore – given the thought I might have healthy pregnancy next time, but still … It would not be as comfortable as having a standby doctor here in Surabaya. Now, we are thinking of finding new doctor that might agree with this baby Aspirin therapy. I got recommendation from a friend about the doctor she went to after few months of TTC for second child. Let’s see…

One thing Dr. Fong said that stays in my head (made me almost cry at doctor’s office – i’m indeed such a crybaby :” ) : Try to move on and don’t give up. *sobs* At times like this any kind of encouragement, even from a stranger or someone not so close would just mean so much to me. And I never stop thanking God for these people. May God bless ’em.

Note: Cardiprin 100 mg (30 pills) S$12. Currently I’m taking Folic Acid 1000mg and Vitamin E Eturol daily. Oh, and also a cup of relaxing peppermint tea 😉


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