Hormonal Attack

Here’s the case, the last time i got pregnant (and the one time before that) my skin got so irritated. It’s like my skin got “angry”. It turned red, flaky and very dry (thankfully the breakouts weren’t as crazy, only a few pimples showed up at one time). So after dealing with all the miscarriage thing, I was trying to find products to calm it down. I used to wear Laneige skincare – the light one for combination skin. After browsing for days, I made decision to try Laneige sensitive range (the skin refiner and emulsion). I bought via some online shop on Instagram.

Apparently they are not that sensitive to my skin condition:(

For first few days wearing them, I thought I saw some change in my skin. It was less red and quite moisturised. Some pimples appeared, but I figured it was just hormonal (since my body had been gone through so much this last two months). But then after a week, I started to notice a lot more pimples (more like rash) on area near my nose and cheeks – they looked like some scary allergic reaction. I got so freaked out@@ I even stopped taking Blackmores Conceive Well, because I thought it could be the fish oil that causing the breakout. Other thing, was it because I bought these stuffs online that they might be fake product??

Since I still had some SKII products left (the FTE and Lotion), I just tried to use them back. Maybe they’re lighter and less irritating to skin, hopefully. So I stopped wearing Laneige treatment (i used to wear their BB cushion as well for months, but I stopped them altogether). Thank God! My skin seemed to respond it well. After few days, it got calmer and the pimples started going away. I can’t be more relieved. For now, I am just using SKII Lotion, FTE, and powder.

(Mental Note: never ever buy cosmetics or skin care product from unofficial online shop!!)

Note: So I’m scheduled to have appointment with Dr Fong on CD 14 – which means I am supposed to have period within 9 or 10 Nov… So God pleaseee… As I already bought tickets and stuffs 0.0


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