The One with Test Result

As mentioned on my previous post, I was taking blood test on October 10th (we requested for home service, since they said blood retrieval should be done before 7.30am for Lupus test – they needed to send the blood sample to Jakarta).

Yesterday (October 13th), we received the test result. Everything seemed to be okay, which meant they’re within acceptable range (including the Lupus test). However, I am a bit concerned to see the Anti Ds DNA result is higher than it should be (Mine is 41.2 U/mL, meanwhile the normal range was equal or below 25 U/mL as written on the paper). I have tried searching on Google, but can’t find any clear information… 😦


We have doctor appointment tonight (I called two days ago when AF came – we got Q no 37. Before we got Q no 21 and went in around 9pm. Should bring a tent tonight @_@) Hopefully it is not something serious and also treatable… *pray*

Morning ritual at the office – a cup of hot peppermint tea! πŸ™‚ (This one is by Lipton)

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