The Aftermath

A week after my miscarriage (and after finishing 5 days Inflesco prescription – bleeding had stopped as well), we went for post MC check up. We chose to go to National Hospital this time, rather than the clinic. Because the time schedule was just more humane (at the clinic sometimes you had to wait until 1 or 2 am in the morning.. Bzzzzzz). (Again), we did the intravaginal sonogram. Doctor said the uterus looked okay by now, but there was still something he called “persistent follicle” that should be gone away once normal AF came next month. He asked if we liked to wait for another pregnancy (and miscarriage – yeah, scary story!) before taking some tests to find reasons for recurrent miscarriages. We decided to take the test asap. It would feel better to know the sooner and if there were things we could do about it. The tests included: Lupus Anticoagulant, D Dimer, Glucose, ANA test, Anti Ds DNA, ACA IgG, ACA IgM and Betta HCG. Most of them basically were to check if I had autoimmune disease that caused spontaneous miscarriage. (which I wish I don’t! *fingers-crossed*)

Note: I did the tests this morning. It was 10 tubes in total *whew* (4 tubes of 5 cc blood and 6 tubes of 2.5 cc blood). The test was pretty expensive, because the blood had to be sent to Jakarta. We took the test on Pramita Klinik. Total fee was around IDR 5.9 million. Hope the results turn out okay!:)



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