Boarding Call… Just Yet (1)

So what’s new? Nothing, just another miscarriage. That’s all.

Miraculously, after a year long of wait I got pregnant again recently (CD 1 was on August 15, 2016). It was quite amazing after being diagnosed with PCOS and I was being able to conceive naturally without taking another Clomid ft Metformin cycle. I started consuming Peppermint Tea religiously since CD 1, because some bloggers mentioning about how Peppermint Tea could help increasing the Progesterone level and eggs size. I was thinking there was nothing to lose and started to drink two cups of Peppermint Tea every morning and evening (mine was by Twinings) – But I wasn’t sure if it was because of the tea that I finally fell pregnant.

I had been having faded brown spotting few days before my scheduled period date. So I thought AF was about to come (a little frustration I admitted). But then unexpectedly I was two days late. Hubby was pretty curious, so he insisted to buy HPT and asked me to take the test. I did the test on the evening – the result was appeared to be two lines! (one was a bit faded pink line, but still …!). The next morning, I took another test. And the result was still the same (2 lines – one was faded pink). So we decided to see our regular ObGyn at Siloam Hospital just to make sure all was okay – was a bit concerned about the spotting though ūüė¶

I was quite unsettled while queuing for the doctor. By this time I just realised, I was still pretty much TRAUMATISED¬†by our miscarriage last time. I was so nervous and felt so nauseous. Hubby was trying to convince me that everything was going to be just fine this time – just thought about the odds of having another miscarriage after one that had happened last year. We were called to see the doctor and I was mentioning if possible I would rather do stomach sonogram (than vaginal sonogram) due to the spotting. Unfortunately, the sonogram result was heartbreaking – based on the ObGyn opinion the embryo was implanted a bit too low in the uterus. So it was just about time it would slip down and we’re going to lose it.¬†¬†She directly prescribed drugs to abort the pregnancy. I¬†was unsure what to feel at that very moment, to be honest I had not even given myself a chance to feel happy since I found out about this pregnancy…

We called our parents about this and I told two of my closest friends as well. All of them suggested us to see other ObGyn for second opinion, before deciding to terminate the pregnancy right away. I thought I might feel guilty too if I didn’t give it another chance. It was such a blessing to finally fall pregnant¬†again. So after asking for few recommendations, we decided to see a more senior ObGyn at Total Life Clinic. Normally it was quite difficult to make same-day appointment at that clinic (I’ve tried to call them before, and the closest appointment I got was in a week time around 2 in the morning!). But we happened to make appointment for that night at 11pm.

To be continued …


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