Certainly Not The Last

Given recommendation by hubby’s cousin, we continued our obgyn-hopping journey 🙂 The Obgyn’s clinic was at East Surabaya (close to that famous Nasi Udang if you know it). I made appointment via SMS – it was quite a quick response by the staffs. On the day, we arrived there around 8.30 pm. The Q was quite long, we were waiting probably around 1 hour before we got to meet with doctor (even though we had made appointment). The clinic itself was very nice, if I might say probably one of the best Obgyn clinics I’d ever visited in Surabaya. They provided self-service tea and coffee on one table (this kind of service was very common overseas, but in Surabaya we could say very rare!)

The obgyn was at his early forties and was not so friendly in my opinion. We gave him the sonogram print from Dr. Fong and he agreed it was most likely showing PCOS. He asked us to do the intravaginal sonogram. Again, like the previous doctor he couldn’t trace the sign of PCOS – which was good. But the sonogram process itself was unpleasant; this was the only doctor that ever left the sonogram stick inside me and just let the old nurse do the rest – who did the work as poorly as the doctor 😥 *took a mental note not to coming back again* With a plain face, he mentioned everything was okay and just tried again naturally. What I am looking for in an Obgyn Doctor is very simple actually, he/she does not have to be the smartest, but at least have a heart to just care a little for what we’ve been going through. And this time, I should say that it was quite a horrible experience *boo*

Note: Doctor consultation fee was IDR 300,000 (I couldn’t recall the sonogram fee). And of course we do not stop our obgyn-hopping journey here.. :p


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