The One After Elysium

So after we failed our last cycle of Clomid from Dr. Fong, we decided to visit another Obgyn Doctor in Surabaya. He’s a Professor. My friend’s sister also went to this Prof during her TTC and successfully got pregnant. The waiting time was a bit long (but still bearable though – around 1 hour). He did vaginal sonogram. (Note: If i wasn’t mistaken we went there a few days before ovulation day). Based on the sonogram, he wasn’t sure that I had PCOS. Also by the fact that I had normal weight, regular period, no excessive facial hair (some characteristics of PCOS patient). He only prescribed some Folic Acid vitamins for me and suggested DH to take SA (Sperm Analysis). He asked us to have another appointment on CD 12 or CD 13.

One hand, I felt kinda relieve that I might not actually have PCOS. But I was still confused, because we saw it clearly on the USG result back then at Dr. Fong’s office. Anyway, I believe He got the best plan for us 🙂

Note: We actually didn’t make it on CD 12 appointment – crazy Q (The Q started at 9am. Arrived there at 8.30am, got Q no 90++. And the doctor had not yet showed up. So we decided to leave ^^’) *my bad this time – for lacking of perseverance!* SA results turned out fine (not great, but still okay). So, let’s fight on next cycle! 🙂



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