Let’s Take A Break…

So just recently I got this cornea irritation on my right eye due to contact lens use. I have been using contact lens for 15 years ++ (since Junior High). One morning when I got ready for work, I just realised there was one white tiny spots on my right eye. I went to ophthalmologist and she told me to stop using contact lens. It’s been quite a while since I wore glasses, so I was kinda bummed out (it was two days before our holiday to Korea, so I have to wear glasses on the entire trip :” ). It felt dizzy if you weren’t used to wear glasses (My power was quite high -6.00 with cylinder of 1.25). Not to mention the nerdy looks 😦

Therefore after we went back from holiday, I started gathering information about Lasik (laser surgery to remove shortsightedness). I was thinking that it was probably the best time to do it, since we hadn’t got pregnant yet (Lasik surgery should not be done on pregnant woman). I booked an appointment for Lasik suitability test on Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC) at SGH on August 2nd. The suitability test includes checking eye power, eye pressure and cornea scanning. They took around 2 hours (including waiting time). Then finally we got to meet the doctor (we were assigned to a Senior Consultant Dr. Lim Li). She went through all my test results and (sadly or luckily?) decided my cornea shape was not suitable for Lasik. It might have high chance of Ectasia (cornea shrinkage) as side effect of the procedure.

I was kinda disappointed at that time. Because I was thinking that maybe it was God’s plan that until now I had not yet got pregnant, so I could take care of my eye problem first. Maybe He thought it might be troublesome later on when I had to wear glasses while taking care of baby (just human thoughts *sigh*). Some of my friends and cousins were also doing just fine with Lasik. But then I managed to think the opposite.  God might have spared me from the damage that could just happen if the doctor was just being commercial and wasn’t concerned much about the patient’s condition. So thank God 🙂

Note: LASIK/RELEX assessment test with a senior consultant was SGD 270 at SNEC.





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