Sweet Revenge

There are few things I like to do after the hard TWW (and getting another BFN obviously) – mostly things that you are not sure to do when you don’t know you are pregnant or not. Here goes… 🙂

  • Eating Korean Ramen – a little dose of MSG won’t hurt! The one I like most is Shin Ramyun by Nongshim (the spicy one, then add one piece of Kraft Singles – the best!) or if you feel like really ‘angry’, pls try Samyang (It’s super duper Hot! It’ll get everything off your chest LOL)
  • Getting my hair dyed :p The last two times I’ve been using Liese Bubble Hair Color (they’re Japanese – I bought it from online shops, but they’re also available at Watsons)
  • Having Hair Spa (plus body massage 🙂 ) – very comforting… Zzzzzz
  • (Another eating) Salmon Carpaccio (Yum!) – my most favourite one is at Kobe Restaurant, it’s in Surabaya btw.
  • (This one I’ve been wanting to do… – due to K-Drama overdose ^^) Drinking cold soju, while eating those wrapped Korean Pork BBQ :p



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