Elysium Part 2

After finishing my third cycle of Clomid and Metformin prescribed by Dr. Fong, as scheduled we went back to Singapore on CD 12. Again, my body responded well toward to medications, which meant there were several eggs ready to be released. Dr. Fong brought us 2 ampules of HcG shot (5000 mg each) in a chiller bag. We should take this drug to ER the next day before our flight back to Surabaya (since Dr. office was closed on Sunday).

We arrived at Mt. E Novena ER around 8 am, filled out patient’s information and gave them the HcG ampules. I was lead to a room to have my shot (it was done on my rear, just a lil bit stinging *ouch*) Done! Then the next part of course to do the scheduled BDs at home :p

Then obviously here came the horrible TWW again 😦 By time, I started to not trusting all the so-called early pregnancy syndromes: the nauseous feeling, bloating, cramping, mood swings, etc. Somehow, I believed even just the tiniest doubt could becoming true (Before on my very first pregnancy, I just had a strong feeling that I was pregnant. Or I was just plainly naive *sigh*) Just few days before my scheduled period (I was using Ovia apps to track my period and ovulation date, so far it’s quite accurate in my opinion), I started to have this brown spotting, which to my case was always the sign that my period was coming. I reported this to Dr. Fong’s staff by email (who was very supportive by the way. She said she was sorry and told me to just wait and see for a few more days). But just I expected, we failed again this cycle 😥

I still do not know if i will be going back to Singapore for another HcG shot or other treatments. But it was quite stressful to fail again after quite an effort we had made (matching my cycle day schedule to book a flight, doctor’s appointment, hotel, work stuffs, etc). I feel like the more effort we do, the more heartbreaking it feels once we fail to fall pregnant again. Anyway…

Note: I could not remember exactly the price of the HcG shot, but it should not exceed S$ 100 for 2 ampules. ER service for the shot itself was around S$ 80.

Sometimes life gets hard; that makes you wanna cry. 
Then it gets a little harder; that makes you go bitter. 
And when it does not get any easier; eventually it could only make you stronger. Y.Y.



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