Lately, I have been thinking of Singapore as our Elysium (as in the movie, Elysium is a “better” place, a place where people easily “get fixed” from any illness). So this time, we went there to check if everything was okay post-miscarriage and D&C procedure. We made appointment with an obgyn, Dr. Fong Yang at Mt. Elizabeth Novena (Aside from friends and families’ reference I did my own research, and found that Dr. Fong was specialised in high-risk pregnancy).

Dr. Fong was nice and informative. He asked if we had done ultrasound after the curettage, and yes we already did that at Dr. Pudjo office back in Surabaya to find out there was no problem. Based on that result, he did not suggest to take another ultrasound. He asked us to keep trying naturally and if we yet fell pregnant until January 2016 (we went to see Dr. Fong on October 2015), then we should come back to check. He prescribed Utrogestan to be taken once we found out we were expecting to minimise the risk of another miscarriage and to take Folic Acid Vitamin regularly (I have been consuming Elevit by Bayer until now).

Back to our home, we did go back to Dr. Pudjo once and he again prescribed Profertil and Metformin started on CD 2 (so it was our second cycle on Profertil and Metformin). And again we did not make it this cycle 😦 So on January, we came back to see Dr. Fong again. This time we took the vaginal ultrasound and Dr. Fong observed that I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which means there were a lot of small cysts on my ovaries. Dr said this might be the cause that make it hard for us to get pregnant. My ovaries did not produce eggs like they should and therefore should be triggered with Clomid (similar to Profertil) and Metformin (Yes! 3rd cycle *sigh*). Then, we would need to go back around CD 12 to get HcG shot to release the (hopefully) growing egg -> we did not get this from Dr. Pudjo before.

Note: Dr consultation fee was around S$ 100 (if i wasn’t mistaken) for first timer, then the next was around S$ 50-60. Ultrasound fee was S$ 80 (a lil bit expensive compared to Surabaya approx. IDR 300,000). Dr. Fong Yang office is located at Astra Clinic Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Hope this information helps! πŸ™‚

To be continued…



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