So, What’s Next?

One month after my miscarriage (September 2015), we decided to find another obgyn just to make sure all was well. Hearing from some friends, colleagues, we chose to make appointment with Dr. Pudjo, SpOG. His clinic was at East Surabaya, it was quite near to our home – so it was convenient for us. Q time was normal (around 30 mins to 1 hour max). The doctor was about in his early 60s. He was okay in my opinion, but the most drawback was we couldn’t have private consultation. He called two patients at once. It wasn’t quite comfortable for us *sigh*.

He did ultrasound and mentioned everything was alright. But he gave Profertil and Metformin therapy to be taken on CD 2: Profertil for 5 days and Metformin for 12 (or 14?) days (Later on, I found out that these were common therapy to treat PCOS -Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Meanwhile, he did not give us any information regarding PCOS. He told us to go back on CD 12 (sometime around scheduled ovulation time) to check the eggs.

On the next appointment, turned out my body had positive response towards the drugs. Eggs were okay and he suggested us to start trying.¬†Nothing happened within that month and we continued taking the same therapy with Profertil and Metformin the following month (October 2015). Plus, he gave us Duphaston already just in case we did fall pregnant to minimise the risk of another miscarriage. On that month, my husband and I had already planned to go traveling to Cairo and Jerusalem (some people might think we were taking this trip to pray, i.e. “beg” to God for pregnancy – for us it was merely a distraction from awful miscarriage experience earlier. Because we just believed we could pray anywhere and God would listen just as clear).

Cairo was not easy for those on TWW (Two-Weeks-Wait). The weather was hot and dusty. I was 5 days late *hopes were super high*, felt nauseous (which later on I found probably because of the Duphaston) and had backache. Later on when we moved to Jerusalem, I started getting brown spotting. On the next 2 days finally AF showed up *sobs* I was thinking either it was post miscarriage effect or the drugs that I was taken that confused my hormones. But thankfully, 2 months after miscarriage my period cycle was back to normal again (28-29 days).

Note: Dr’s fee was around IDR 200,000 for consultation (if I was not mistaken), ultrasound was IDR 300,000, medication fee was around IDR 200,000 to 300,000.


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